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Energy Efficient Solutions

Solar Heat Pump Water Heaters
Save $$$ through a range of Government and Manufacturers Rebates – Call to find out more

SOS Plumbing have staff experts who can guide you through decisions when considering a solar heat pump water heater.

Save Money
Now is the time to upgrade your water heater with both government and manufacturer rebates available. Not only can you help the environment but you can save $,000’s by installing the latest in hot water technology.

Lower Running Costs
Solar heat pump water heaters employ technology and design to provide significant energy and cost savings.

A normal electric water heater has an efficiency of less than 100%, whereas as a heat pump water heater can have an efficiency of up to 400%. This means it is uses less than a quarter of the energy to heat your water than taken from your power provider. This is achieved by using the normal air temperature as its source of energy, meaning your system is largely powered by the sun. It operates on the same principle as an air conditioner heat pump for heating and cooling. A solar heat pump water heater can lower your water heating energy consumption by as much as 70%.

Helping the Enviornment
Heating your hot water is one of the main uses of residential electricity in Australia, and thus reducing the amount of energy used to heat hot water can help the environment through lower carbon emissions.

Leading Brands: SOS Plumbing is an authorized installer for the leading solar heat pump brand in Australia - Rheem.

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