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Full Compliance

SOS Plumbing are licensed and qualified plumbers and as such are fully compliant with the regulations as set out by both the NSW Regulatory System and Standards Australia. We also work fully withing the NSW Plumbing Code.

Plumbing and drainage regulation in NSW
Standards Australia develops the overarching technical standards for plumbing and drainage regulation in Australia, namely:

  • Technical standards for installation, prescribed in the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3500 Plumbing and drainage
  • Technical specifications for products, set out in Australian Standard AS 5200 Technical specification for plumbing and drainage products – Procedures for certification of plumbing and drainage products

These Standards are available for purchase from SAI Global.

In NSW, however, technical requirements for all plumbing and drainage activities are set out in the New South Wales Code of Practice for Plumbing and Drainage (PDF 2 MB) (the NSW Plumbing Code).

The Committee on Uniformity of Plumbing and Drainage Regulations
The Committee on Uniformity of Plumbing and Drainage Regulations in NSW (CUPDR) prepares the NSW Plumbing Code. CUPDR membership comprises:

  • NSW Office of Water (Chair)
  • Country Energy (incorporating Country Water)
  • Department of Health
  • Department of Local Government
  • Department of Planning
  • Hunter Water Corporation
  • Office of Fair Trading
  • Sydney Water Corporation

A number of industry observers are also invited to attend CUPDR, as follows:

  • Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia
  • Institute of Plumbing
  • Master Plumbers and Mechanical Contractors Association of NSW
  • Water Directorate
When there are changes to the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3500, amendments to the NSW Plumbing Code are generally required. CUPDR issues circulars to notify industry and regulators of these changes, or any other state-based changes agreed by CUPDR. These circulars are available on the Plumbing and drainage circulars page.
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