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About Us

Quality Assurance Policy

S.O.S Hot Water & Plumbing Services Pty Ltd is proud of the reputation it has gained as a provider of high quality plumbing services to the private and government sectors. To maintain and further enhance and develop our reputation, S.O.S Hot Water & Plumbing Services is committed to a Quality Assurance Policy that ensures all our customers receive exceptional service and the products used are of the highest quality. All works are carried out to adhere to AS/NZ 3500 Plumbing Standards.

The S.O.S Hot Water & Plumbing Services Quality Management System is designed to ensure customer expectations are satisfied and their needs met. The aim of the company and its employees however, is to exceed customer satisfaction, by providing outstanding service ensuring their future custom and continued recommendation of our service, quality and standards.

We know that if we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.

Management takes all necessary steps to provide its employees with quality tools and equipment necessary to safely achieve the task at hand, therefore reducing risk to the environment, customers and tradesmen. In providing the right working environment we strive to guarantee that our employees are protected from the risk of injury or accident. We continue to adopt best practice procedures and policies to protect the environment.

Management recognises that in order to achieve the above aims, it is necessary to have in place a Quality Management and Occupational Health, Safety and Rehabilitation Program that is developed, in consultation with all staff, and implemented and endorsed by management. This system is reviewed and updated regularly.

The Company is committed to the Quality Assurance processes as described above to ensure that our most valuable assets, our staff and customers, are protected.

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